Innovation Model of China's New Urbanization Development
Offer system solutions for smart development, smart construction and smart operation management of cities
◆ Development system - Construct a four-layer structural system for new urbanization

Small and medium-sized cities are the main battlefield of China's new urbanization in the future

◆ Drive mechanism - The core of new urbanization lies in the high degree of integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization

Drive mechanism - The core of new urbanization lies in the high degree of integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization

◆ Development philosophy - A new urbanization concept featuring interaction among life, production, living and ecology

Industrial clustering, cluster developing towards base, base developing towards park, park developing towards community, community driving

Five Innovation Points of the Innovation Model of China's New Urbanization Development
  • Innovation 1

    Aggregate the elements of industries, finance, high-tech talents, information resources, land, etc. to reinforce the elements and improve the sustainable development capacity of cities.

  • Innovation 2

    Focus on building city congregation power to study how to reinforce the city competitiveness and realize leaping sustainable development by aggregating regional element resources in the shortest time.

  • Innovation 4

    Apply developmental financial concept and structural financial design to improve the financing and investment system of cities, make financial breakthrough in urban development, enhance the hematopoietic function of cities and achieve sustainable development.

  • Innovation 5

    For technology and integration application in smart city, eco-city, sponge city, etc., Pan-China Group has some leading projects and technology at home and is the deputy head unit of a number of panels under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Innovation 3

Explore the integration of multiple city rules into one and the system planning mechanism for years, break the highly fragmented and segmentary system for urban planning, and study how to integrate all plans from the perspective of system thinking based on the overall objective of urban sustainable development, including strategic planning, industrial planning, space planning, major project planning and financing and investment planning. By combining life, production, life and ecology, realize the integration of system planning, drive the all-rule-in-one system and form an economic battle map and action program to guide urban development.

The innovation model of China's new urbanization development proposed by Pan-China aims to connect the product market, service market and element market for online and offline interaction by combining the innovative characteristic industrialization and the innovative mode of new urbanization development, and construct an interconnected industry cluster area including smart industry, health industry, creativity industry and characteristic industry and a demonstration area for new urbanization and overall urban-rural development
Diagram of Sustainable Development Path of China's New Urbanization

The innovation model of China’s urban developmentis not only accepted by national competent authorities at theoretical level, but also highly praised in practice process. The successful experience of Pan-China model in a variety of Chinese cities proves that it conforms to the objective rules of urban development and is a scientific model helpful to the accelerated development of cities.

  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

  • Mongolia

  • The People’s Republic of China