Pan-China Group, as the innovation leader of China's new urbanization, is an investment operator and construction service provider offering system solutions to urban development. Pan-China Group devotes itself to providing system service covering “platform + think tank + capital +industry incubator + system solutions”for cities. It builds strategic alliance like “ABCD + Government” aiming to seek common urban development with government.

We welcome people with lofty ideals, common concept to join us and promote the process of China's new urbanization.

Let us go on together if your team meets the following requirements!

1. Be a registered company in local area with general taxpayer qualification.

2. Possess some experience in construction industry and the experience in undertaking, implementing and managing projects.

3. Hold the brand awareness, stress enterprise reputation and engineering quality, and be aware of brand operation.

4. Lay emphasis on service and be able to provide value-added services for internal and external customers.

5. Be capable and efficient, and meet the industry requirements.

6. Have the financial strength and the ability to operate market.

Dream is in front, we are on the way!

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  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

  • Mongolia

  • The People’s Republic of China