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Geotechnical Engineering
Service Description

The Group has been engaged in the geotechnical engineering investigation & survey, and the ground and foundation engineering design and construction since its early days after establishment. It has Class A engineering investigation (geotechnical engineering and engineering survey), and Class A ground and foundation engineering contracting qualifications, and is equipped with the capability for integration of engineering investigation & survey, design and construction in geotechnical, pile foundation and slope protection & dewatering works. It has 185 staff engaged in the geotechnical engineering, with 115 engineering technicians, including 46 with senior titles (four professor level senior engineers), 40 with medium titles and 29 with primary titles. Besides, it has 10 registered geotechnical engineers, and 15 primary registered construction engineers. All engineering technicians have bachelor's degree or above, including two doctors, and 28 masters.

It has Bauer, Sany and CSR rotary drills, ZKL600/800 long spiral drills, screw pile drivers, ZYC series static pile drivers, reverse circulation drills, UKS impact drills, all types of anchor drills, SH-30 drills, XY-1 drills, DPP100 drill trucks, etc.; besides, it also has Topcon total stations, Trimble level gages, South GPS-RTK, RD8000 pipeline detectors, etc.

In recent years, Pan-China Group has completed one national grade normalized construction method, and three Beijing provincial normalized construction methods in the geotechnical engineering field, won one prize in the 12th Beijing Excellent Engineering Investigation Award, and obtained two national invention patents, and four national utility model patents. In addition, it also undertaken the Symposium on New Progress and Specifications of Underground Structures in Chinese Engineering Construction and National Symposium on Pile Foundation Construction and Supervision jointly with Zhejiang University, and prepared and published the New Progress in Underground Structure and Geotechnical Engineering. .

Pan-China Group, as the member unit of China Exploration & Design Association (with Expert Committee and Design System Reform Work Committee set in Pan-China Group), member unit of Beijing Engineering Exploration and Design Association, and also member unit of Beijing Geotechnical Engineering Association, was invited to participate in and make keynote speech in the International Young Scholars' Symposium on Rock Mechanics by the International Society for Rock Mechanics.

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