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Introduce the output and input concepts, and form innovative development architecture of "platform + carrier + PPP operation" through idea, mechanism and value innovations; create cultural circle, ecosphere and balancing urban and rural development circle, and form coordinated regional development path of the "four aspects": life, production, living and ecology; apply Pan-China Group's development idea of smart city, build a green urban ecosystem integrated with ecofallow, sponge city, ecotope and smart agriculture; implement project planning and layout using output and input mode, and introduce multiple subjects and structured finance to join in investment and construction of projects jointly; allow the government and enterprises to enjoy project investment returns at different levels through the system of asset-like management of land resources, capitalization of assets and securitization of capitals.

  • Industry INST
  • Government organization
  • Industry ORG
  • Financial institutions
  • Technical institutions
  • Consulating agencies
  • Building institutions
  • International Organizations
  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

  • Mongolia

  • The People’s Republic of China