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Pan-China Group's Engineering Consulting Station, aiming to provide think-tank consulting for cities, using its multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, as well as integration and innovation of modern science and technology and management methods, in the principle of independent, scientific and fair, and comprehensively considering multiple factors, such as regional politics, economy, technology, society, culture, industry and environment, from the unique perspective of new urbanization and sustainable urban development, provides planning and policy consulting for urban economic development, as well as special consulting for project investment selection, market research, budgetary estimate and budget, etc., and also provides whole-process menu-type comprehensive consulting services.
Pan-China Group has more than 200 technicians in the engineering consulting specialty, and 1,633 internal experts in specialties involving all sectors of the national economy, and also relies on a total of 12,000 experts of China Exploration & Design Association and Pan-China Construction Group. It has undertaken consulting for many major projects, including 2008 Olympic Games Badminton/Art Gymnastics Gymnasium, Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, Tennis Gymnasium, Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Beijing Ditan Hospital Relocation, Beijing Metro Line 4, and Beijing City Emergency Command Center.

Pan-China Group's Engineering Consulting Station always upholds the enterprise values of "work - innovate - sublimate to create values for the customers and partners", constantly improves the level of its consulting services, and the quality of engineering consulting service results, and assigns experts to participate in revision and preparation of the public projects organized by China National Association of Engineering Consultants and Chinese engineering consulting industry. It is a member of FIDIC, Standing Director of China National Association of Engineering Consultants, Standing Director of Beijing Engineering Consulting Association, Director of Beijing Society for Urban Studies, a member of Beijing Science and Technology Industry Association, sponsoring unit of Consulting Work Department of China Exploration & Design Association, and sponsoring unit of Expert Committee of China Society of Urban Economy. At present, it is included in the 15 government-invested consulting organizations including National Development and Reform Commission, China Development Bank and Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform.

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