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Service Description
Pan-China Group's design team breaks through the traditional urban planning thought, and, based on its profound understanding of the development path of Chinese cities, advanced development idea of smart and ecological cities, systematic industry researches and solid design business capability, grasps the task of urban design with unique Chinese characteristics to extend its years of practice experience in system planning to the urban design field, and thus opens the new chapter for innovation of urban design using systematic thinking, and realizes the real "high-end custom of urban design". The systematic urban design under Pan-China Group's systematic thinking integrates all elements of the cities, and thus brings soul and connotation into urban design.

Pan-China Group implements advanced design idea, determines the direction of industrial development, completes the construction of ecology framework, overall structure, functional partition, land layout, road traffic system, landscape greening system and other urban frameworks, controls the open and characteristic space, makes the development intensity zoning, defines the ecological control line, determines the city landmarks, safeguards the urban construction standards, arranges key projects, conducts overall measurement of the urban development and construction indexes, and customizes the urban space complying with supply-demand equilibrium of the future regional development according to actual circumstances.

Considering the connection and transformation of international advanced idea and domestic actual practice, and the relationship between the whole and the part, it finally passed the operation scheme for directional and quantitative implementation of comprehensive response policies against both leading and controlling indicators. In the future, Pan-China Group's systematic urban design will be combined with the information means, as well as the urban planning and construction management, so that the ultimate blueprint-type urban design can be changed to a three-dimensional city space information management platform that allows continuous dynamic management, including all ground and underground elements, such as streets, squares, public space, buildings, underground pipelines and pipe galleries, which can be combined with the city intelligence system to establish smart and systematic urban design.
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