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Pan-China Group's urban system consulting service is the practice for sustainable development mode and innovation of China's new urbanization. It is to, with the systematic planning idea as the background, the scientific development concept as the guiding principle, and the city agglomeration economy theory as the basis, comprehensively considering the politics, economy, society, ideology and other basic elements, through the system integration of strategic planning - industrial planning - spatial planning - investment & financing planning - planning of major projects for cities, centered on the two aspects: optimization and upgrade of urban industrial structure and improvement of urban financial ecosystem, focusing on guidance of system strategies and bearing of space, and emphasizing practicability of planning, specifically solve the urban development issues, make overall planning of development path for urban value innovation, and systematically develop urban development strategies to achieve effective integration of internal and external resources, and maximization of urban efficiency and resource value.
Pan-China Group advocates systematically solving the issues about strategic positioning of urban development, industrial development and selection, and utilization of urban resources through researches on endowment of urban resources and competition between regional and international cities from the perspective of urban development, and also reflecting the research results in spatial layout of the cities through planning of major projects and investment & financing planning, so as to achieve organic combination of the space and the strategies, resources and industrial development, implement the concept of "planning first" and "order planning", and lay foundation for investment attraction and implementation, and guarantee of funds for urban projects in the next step.

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