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System Planning and Multiple Planning Integration
Service Description
Under the background that China is vigorously promoting multiple planning integration, Pan-China Group, based on the problem that the national economic and social development planning, overall urban planning and land use planning are incoordinate and even conflicting with each other, unifies the planning involving the same work among the three types of planning and other relevant planning, determines the objectives, positioning and strategies for urban development according to the background of regional development and current situation of urban development, and defines the four areas: built-up area, construction forbidden area, construction suitable area and construction limited area according to corresponding land use situation.

It builds the four support systems: ecology, industry, transportation and services through layout of urban and rural industries and planning of main functional areas, and develops planning implementation mechanism to put forward guiding requirements for preparation of departmental policies and lower-level planning. Coordinate planning arrangements for unified planning objectives, spatial control and spatial data, reduce the contradiction between various plans, achieve unity of various plans in terms of content, and also strengthen system construction in the aspects of plan preparation system, planning standard system and planning coordination mechanism, so as to make planning really the basis for construction and management.
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