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GIS Application
Service Description

As GIS technology is becoming mature, the geographic information system (GIS) plays an important role as an important tool and platform for assistant urban decision-making, planning and management. Pan-China Group makes full use of the functions of GIS, such as acquisition, storage, display, editing, processing, analysis, output and application of spatial data: it creates professional database, and builds information management platform according to the basic geographic, economic and social, and industrial development data to implement efficient access, query and management of data; besides, it also implements distribution and classification of various resources, spatial location, allocation of resources, and network analysis via the spatial analysis and database functions in the agriculture and forestry, planning, ecological environment and other areas to provide consulting services for commercial location, planning and decision-making, management simulation and urban development; moreover, it establishes a three-dimensional visual model based on the digital terrain model in order to implement multi-angle view, and construct digital and smart cities.

  • Industry INST
  • Government organization
  • Industry ORG
  • Financial institutions
  • Technical institutions
  • Consulating agencies
  • Building institutions
  • International Organizations
  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

  • Mongolia

  • The People’s Republic of China