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Top-level Urban Design
Service Description
Gather regional economic experts, industrial experts, urban planning experts, and financial experts to make researches on endogenous power optimization, comparative advantage, industrial system construction and urban development path innovation issues based on the thinking of seeing the Earth from the Moon according to actual situation of the cities. 

Make clear of the current development foundation and problems by interpreting the national strategic layout and policy guidance, develop top-level design to support the urban development, determine the strategic positioning and development idea, build the industrial system, adhere to the urban construction idea of based on industries, oriented to ecology and focusing on new cities, implement five-in-one system integration of cities: strategic planning, industrial planning, spatial planning, planning of major projects, and investment & financing planning, apply the system integration idea and innovative financial instruments, promote the integration of urban resources, industrial resources and financial resources, build a harmonious urban economy and its social ecological system, create the hematopoietic function in urban development and construction process, change the sustainable development mode for urban development to realize construction of urban-rural integration development, and plan a unique scientific construction path for the sustainable development of new urbanization.
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  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

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  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

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