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Pan-China Group hopes to combine the cutting-edge technology and achievements of international life science with the requirements of domestic economic and social development by constructing the core of Pan-China · Triple Integration Town - Smart Life and Health Industry Park, and selects the areas with advantages in bio-manufacturing, technological education industry and ecological environment to construct and improve the innovation ecosphere of life science industry, cultivate industrial clusters with international competitiveness, and build a theme park for modern productive service industry and high-end life service industry in the field of life science & technology and health care. 

With "life and health" as the theme and "health engineering" as the entry point, the Smart Life and Health Industry Park will strive to achieve industry-city integration and develop diversified composite economy to build a health care industry cluster and a destination for health care tourism; construct an efficient, smart, ecological and safe smart industry new city; get the whole world involved in the construction of health city through employment guidance, start-up guidance, industrial guidance and social guidance, finally building the area into a hot destination for investment, a highland for industries and a new engine for economic growth. 

Led by the headquarters base of life and health industry, construct the incubator of life and health brands, the incubator of new technology for life and health and the creative and entrepreneurial base of life and health industry, and construct a complete full industry chain by incubating the international exchange and expo center of life and health industry, the financial center of  life and health industry, cross-border e-commerce platform, life and health commerce and trade center, life and health talent training base and other major industrial projects. 

Focus on cultural creative, travel & leisure and other industries to build a superior global life and health resources collection and an industrial cooperation platform. Meanwhile, introduce cutting-edge international products, technology and services covering four consumption themes including beauty and cosmetics, bodybuilding and heart health, health maintenance and beauty keeping, and resistance to illness and aging to shape a new healthy lifestyle for consumption of health and beauty products and service experience. By investing in constructing double platforms for beauty industry (International Beauty Center and International Beauty Valley), build a closed ecosphere of beauty industry integrating top-level design, investment and construction, industrial investment promotion, park operation, financial support, consumption guidance, etc., in order to establish a value highland for beauty industry development, a consumer paradise for fashion, creative, health and leisure, and a window and bridge for interaction of Chinese and foreign beauty industries.

Pan-China Group boasts rich experience in constructing composite industrial parks themed on life and health industry, clear standards on project site selection and financing & investment plans, and a large number of partners in beauty and health industry.

At the same time, Pan-China Group actively develops foreign cooperation and established partnership with the South Korean government and other local governments including Incheon. It also has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Pharmicell, Doosan Group, South Korea HTC Hotel Group, SBS TV Institute of Beauty and implemented them.

Lee Hae Chan, the Former Prime Minister of South Korea spoke highly of Pan-China Group's great health industry,

“Pan-China Group uses the beauty industry to drive the regional and even the national industrial upgrading, which conforms to the development trend of the industry and is in line with the historical and new opportunities of China and South Korea to carry out more extensive trade exchange. I had thought that South Korea could be the teacher of China's beauty industry, but now it appears that South Korea should learn from Pan-China Group! I will publicize my Pan-China tour and Pan-China 's beauty industry development plan more widely in South Korea. I believe it will gather more superior enterprises in the beauty industry of South Korea on the beauty industry development platform to build a demonstration area for Sino-South Korea beauty industry cooperation and push the Sino-South Korea international economic cooperation to a higher level. I had thought that South Korea could be the teacher of China's beauty industry, but now it appears that South Korea should learn from Pan-China Group! I will publicize my Pan-China tour and Pan-China 's beauty industry development plan more widely in South Korea. I believe it will gather more superior enterprises in the beauty industry of South Korea on the beauty industry development platform to build a demonstration area for Sino-South Korea beauty industry cooperation and push the Sino-South Korea international economic cooperation to a higher level.




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Pan-China Triple Integration Town Program is a comprehensive development, investment and operation program integrating industry, finance and town established by Pan-China Group by combining financial innovation and factors gathering, characteristic industry focus and strategic industry cultivation, district value promotion and characteristic town construction. Pan-China Triple Integration Town includes characteristic induastry factor center, characteristic industry cluster area and characteristic industry demonstration base. With "integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" and "interaction of life, production, living and ecology" as objectives and the total factor cluster of smart city as approach, it selects the strategic districts for famous and high-quality products with great compound development value in health, culture and tourism, aiming to invest in, operate and build the total factor market, product market and service market that that influence China and even the world.

Following the concept about "interaction and integrated development of life, production, living and ecology", the smart life and health city will be built into an international life science R&D and application industrial base, an international health care & tourism destination, and an experimental area for international health industry development model, and become the demonstration area of supply side reform and innovation and the development and growth pole of emerging modern service industries. 

In order to achieve this strategic positioning, the smart life and health city will focus on the existing industrial stock and factor resources of the science and technology research and development, modern agriculture, bio-medicine manufacturing and university city's science and education innovation, and import the world-class technical forces and operation management service standards in life science industry. At the same time, by integrating the core resources of domestic governments, industries, universities, research institutes and financial institutions with the help of social and industrial capital, incubate and gather R&D teams and leading enterprises in the life science, medicine and biomaterials, health engineering, microorganism, information technology, ecological and environmental protection and other areas, and build a composite health engineering industry cluster which integrates life science creative R&D and industrialization, health and health preservation and ecological tourism. 

The smart life and health city will systematically establish a modern service industry cluster area and an ecological new city of smart industry characterized by industry-city integration based on five dimensions including new urbanization, environmental management, food safety, health data and health engineering. Besides, with international life and health city as an engine, it will construct new industry clusters oriented at new demands and new supply, in order to fully promote the core power of the development of modern service industry in the region. 

Pan-China Group is highly concerned about the consumption spillover phenomenon and development potential of China's beauty industry, studies the factors gathering and ecosphere integration of the beauty industry development, aligns with the first-class service in international beauty industry, and establishes a close relationship with domestic scientific research, design, design, exposition, training, consultation, production, business and service organizations in the beauty industry. It is now constructing the "Beauty Valley" under the system of smart life and health industry parks in important regions across the country, aiming to build an international beauty industry cluster area and a destination for beauty consumption in China in response to the vigorous demand for the beauty and body care, health preservation and beauty keeping, bodybuilding and heart health.

In recent years, the new technology revolution dominated by life science and technology is developing much faster than the information technology and accelerates the formation of the fourth wave of industrial revolution, and therefore, it has become the focus of competition among all countries. The life economy driven by the life science and technology revolution is based on biological resources and biotechnology as well as the production, distribution and application of biotechnological products. The life economy, like the agricultural economy, industrial economy and information economy, will play a huge role in promoting economic development, ecological improvement and social progress. It has become a new economic growth pole, with enormous market space.  

Health and beauty is the goal that mankind has been continuously pursuing. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the birth of numerous achievements of scientific and technological civilization has bred great business opportunities for related beauty and health industries. After more than 20 years of development, China's beauty and health industry has formed a huge industrial chain, with its output increasing at a rate of over 30% on average.

In the context of a new normal economy and the structural reform of supply side, the beauty and health industry is a composite modern life service industry which combines creative design, science and technology incubation, education, research and development, medical and pharmaceutical innovation, experience consumption and health preservation and health, and integrates health, culture and tourism.

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