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The core of Pan-China · Triple Integration Town - Smart Cultural Creativity Industry Park aims to build an expo center that retains city memory, a marketing center that displays today and a vitality center that creates tomorrow;
Build the dreamworks that gather urban cultural factor platforms, a power source of cultural industry park development, an incubator of cultural industry cluster cultivation and an Eden of "culture +" characteristic industries; 
Build an amusement park with interaction of culture exhibition, recreation experience, innovation and creativity, and a pioneer park with creative culture creation, business service and brand incubation, to promote the development of cultural industry bases towards platforms, parks and clusters; 
Build a well-known factor market, product market and service market for cultural heritage creativity industry with online and offline interaction both at home and abroad;
Build a highland for gathering the factors of cultural industry including cultural pulse, image, creativity, technology, finance, talent, business organization, brand resource channel and platform, etc.
Build a platform for mining and creation, protection and collection, exhibition, exchange and transaction, appraisal and appreciation, pricing and valuation, pledge, auction and circulation of cultural works of art;
Build a sublime holy land for art creation, art appreciation, art exchange, art talent education and training, art culture inheritance, cultural consumption and experience;
Build a symbiotic system of culture and art and a cultural business card of a city that combines museums and parks, shops and families, and spiritual home and family home, digs into the history and faces the future, and influences China and even the world.

Pan-China Group has formed an industrial structure that pays equal attention to museum creative operation and industrial operation of cultural creativity. Among them, the museum operation, art licensing and other services have established the leading position of the industry, and the mature operation mode has been widely popularized and copied at home and abroad. Based on the full industry chain development and continuous operation of the innovative operation of museums, the company explored and developed the system of two service development modes as a cultural museum operation service provider and an artistic industry operator, and formed the original idea of operation and development. Specifically, starting with the acquisition of franchised resources of cultural industry, the company gradually formed the pattern from the construction of two major resource platforms, namely, museum operation based on cultural museum resources and cultural creativity industry operation, to channel construction and commercial operation, and finally to the linkage, integration and cross-sector operation of the industry.

Pan-China Group is designated by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage as a pilot enterprise for cultural heritage industrialization and is also the unit for industrialized operation of cultural creativity authorized by Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage. 
Pan-China Group is a member enterprise of "State Guest Gift Review Committee", and has such channel advantages as the right of "cultural heritage identification and certification" and "China Urban Cultural Industry Development Alliance", etc., which help it gather the elements of cultural creativity fast and efficiently. Taking the opportunity of China's developing cultural industries vigorously and following the strategic direction of "channel leading, powerful content", Pan-China Group unceasingly expands the "channel" scale of cultural museums, art purchase and sales network and art licensing, etc., strengthens the matching "content" production like international and domestic tour exhibition, art operation and brokerage gradually, and fully exert the linkage effect of "channel + content".
Pan-China Group has formed an industrial structure that pays equal attention to museum creativity operation and industrial operation of cultural creativity. Among them, the museum operation, art licensing and other services have established the leading position of the industry, and the mature operation mode has been widely popularized and copied at home and abroad.

In order to provide comprehensive services for the development of urban cultural industry and promote the transformation of China from a great cultural country to a powerful cultural country, Pan-China Group initiated the China Urban Cultural Industry Development Alliance jointly with 34 organizations including China Culture Administration Society and NDRC International Cooperation Center. With the objective of "upholding cultural authenticity, creating economic miracles, gathering and sharing, co-building the future", the alliance aims to set up a comprehensive service platform for China's urban cultural industry development and foster an efficient and unified trading market for national urban cultural resources to promote the healthy and fast development of China's cultural industry.
China Urban Cultural Industry Development Alliance is committed to building a public service platform for China 's urban and regional cultural environment construction, providing integrated solutions, and providing systematic services for its members, such as urban brand planning, urban cultural heritage protection planning and urban cultural industry development planning, etc. The service center of China Urban Cultural Industry Development Alliance will regularly organize (international) forums, evaluations, annual meetings, high-end interviews, international exchanges, etc. related to China's urban cultural industry development, and publish China Urban Development Index Report and China Urban Investment Environment Index Report to interpret the development trend of China's urban cultural industry and analyze the development of the industry.

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Pan-China Triple Integration Town Program is a comprehensive development, investment and operation program integrating industry, finance and town established by Pan-China Group by combining financial innovation and factors gathering, characteristic industry focus and strategic industry cultivation, district value promotion and characteristic town construction. Pan-China Triple Integration Town includes characteristic industry factor center, characteristic industry cluster area and characteristic industry demonstration base. With "integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" and "interaction of life, production, living and ecology" as objectives and the total factor cluster of smart city as approach, it selects the strategic districts for famous and high-quality products with great compound development value in health, culture and tourism, aiming to invest in, operate and build the total factor market, product market and service market that that influence China and even the world.

With the aim of upholding and carrying forward characteristic national culture, promoting the development of characteristic culture industrialization, and combining with the advantageous resources of Pan-China Group in such fields as "State Guest Gift Review Committee", "cultural heritage identification and certification" and the advantageous channels like "China Urban Cultural Industry Development Alliance", the characteristic culture Creativity elements are gathered in Pan-China Smart Cultural Creativity Industry Park.

Through the innovation of mechanism and system, Pan-China Smart Cultural Creativity Industry Park introduces leading enterprises and industrial investors and quickly supports and develops a group of enterprises engaged in the R&D and manufacture of characteristic products and the operation of characteristic cultural tourism. By combining the creativity design with handicraft production, inheritance exhibition, and folk entertainments together organically, it forms a value highland which is powered by Creativity and entrepreneurship, inheritance and smart manufacturing and smart tourism, focuses on the integrated development of innovation and inheritance, design and Creativity, experience and exposition, trade and settlement, and comprehensively upgrades workshops and landscape, bases and scenic spots, masters and players and aggregation force and radiation force, in addition to a demonstration area for the innovation and development of characteristic town and characteristic cultural economy. 

Carrying the important mission of promoting urban cultural influence and constructing urban soft power, Pan-China Smart Cultural Creativity Industry Park will build the industrial functions such as the development, design, processing, manufacture, marketing and transaction of creative products and traditional arts and crafts with national characteristics by gathering the cultural and artistic inheritors and characteristic leading enterprises in cities and surrounding areas, and will form a composite ecological system of "industrial, trading and cultural tourism" that integrates Creativity R&D and design, technical inheritance and large-scale processing and manufacture, exhibition, display and trade, logistics, and characteristic cultural tourism, etc. On the basis of the innovation of mechanism and system, policy guidance and industrial fund support, the elements of cultural development with regional characteristics are gathered and transformed into realizable and valuable assets and capital through platforms, clusters and parks.  

Adhering to the urban development concept of "cultural promotion and leaping development" and emphasizing the "culture +" innovation integration path, Pan-China Smart Cultural Creativity Industry Park will be built into an expo center that retains memory, a marketing center that displays today and a vitality center that creates tomorrow by combining the mining of characteristic cultural elements and the cultivation of characteristic culture industries with the cross-sector innovation, creativity design, brand cultivation, cultural communication and experience consumption of regional key industries.

Great culture industry is the combination of cultural creativity and various industries, and is the core competitiveness of China's future economic development. Cultural museum industry is the cultural industry of museums. It is an important part of the "cultural industry" and consists of cultural products and cultural services. With the striding promotion of China's comprehensive national strength and international influence, the museum has gradually become the educational base for establishing the consciousness of great powers, the diplomatic stage of international exchanges and the important window of spreading Chinese culture, and the cultural museum industry will undertake the important historical mission of great cultural development in the new pattern of "Belt and Road" opening-up strategy. Currently, China has more than 4,000 museums in total, which are still increasing at a rate of about 100 museums per year. The museum construction of China has made remarkable progress, and museum innovation and continued operation will also face the golden opportunity of development.

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