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Sponge city is a key element of the eco-city concept under "new urbanization" system. Like the new urbanization, it is a concept of urban infrastructure construction associated with livelihood, society and urban development. It not only involves paying attention to urban ecosystems including irrigation and water conservancy, rivers and lakes, ecological wetlands, etc., but also plans industries, environment, water sources, water plants and other urban ecosystems as a whole. Meanwhile, it also gives consideration to urban water service, urban industries, municipal roads, landscape and gardens, urban regeneration and other urban life circles.


A sponge city extends upwards to connect with urban internal development and regeneration including urban functions and culture, extends downwards to connect with municipal and housing construction design, extends laterally to connect with finance, industries and operation, and is vertically supported by technology. 
A sponge city involves characteristic compound industry clusters and base construction under the concept of life, production, living and ecology, including beauty, cultural creativity, health, tourism, characteristic agriculture, trade and logistics, etc., and is associated with the urban system planning business covering water environment, water industry, water ecology, water life and water culture, the design and engineering construction business related to urban design, integrated pipe gallery planning and design, municipal roads, landscape and gardens, reconstruction of sponge communities, etc.



The central working conference on urbanization requires respecting the law of urban development. Pan-China Group always holds a heart of awe in face of the complex macrosystem in sponge city construction. Based on the systematic thinking of industry-city integration and industry-financing combination, we jump out of pure sponge city construction to think about its existence and development from the perspective of a city and even a region. Specifically, we construct a sponge city development ecosystem comprising system incubator and project incubator, combining advanced concepts, technology, financial capital, industries and other core elements effectively, and incubate and construct sponge city projects in light of the characteristic requirements for city characters, so as to truly achieve the goal of sponge city development and construction.


System Solutions to Pan-China Sponge City

Oriented at "technology + industry + infrastructure construction + capital + operation", construct a product and service system that provides system solutions (PPP/BOT/BLT/BOO/EPC) to urban development and provides menu-type one-stop systematic services for owners including planning, consulting, design, technology, construction, industry, finance and management & operation, etc.


Products of Pan-China Sponge City




· Advanced concept - Multi-discipline coordination, multi-industry integration, system solutions under new urbanization and urban development framework 
· Concession - A pilot enterprise for total factor resource integration in smart city 
· Talent support - Professional technical staff, postdoctoral center, provincial and ministerial research and development center 
· Industrial resources - City alliance, industrial alliance 
· Technical support - Research & development and innovation of smart technology such as water system, sponge city, distributed energy, integrated pipe gallery, etc. 
· Financial support - Financial partners, innovation of structured financial mode


Pan-China Group proposed the Sponge City 3.0 (Intelligence Industry Eco-city) on the basis of systematic theories about the innovation model of Chinese city development and in combination with the technology integration and practice of several projects. By organically combining intelligence, industry, ecology, environment, sponge, pipe gallery and other factors, Pan-China Group strives to give overall consideration to the development and construction of sponge cities from the perspective of city development management and operation by integrating technology, projects and services, so as to prevent talking about sponge city development and construction from a purely technical perspective and build itself into an investment operator and construction service provider of sponge city solutions.
The service system and implementation method of Pan-China sponge cities begin with top-level design, and aim to help cities identify demands, discover value and create value from the perspective of urban development. It encourages thinking about problems from Party A’s perspective, making strategic industry planning and investment & financing planning, and fully considering the factors in development economics, spatial economics and institutional economics. Guided by system thinking and in combination with development finance and PPP model innovation, the company strives to import commercial finance and structural finance to achieve financial breakthrough, build a structurized financial system, promote the infrastructure construction and urban development and construction based on the development philosophy of sponge cities and realize city value through operation management.
To truly realize the sustainable development of sponge city construction, Pan-China Group works actively to set up the "4+1" structural alliance, which will construct the sponge city alliance ecosphere in the following three dimensions.
I. Practice the innovative development model of new urbanization systematically and extensively based on the PPP model at state level from top-level design to intelligence, sponge, pipe gallery planning and design and investment and financing services.
II. Cooperate with project partners to build special economic and industrial bases for intelligence, sponge and pipe gallery, and make overall coordination from project planning, planning and design, PPP construction, project construction, investment promotion and operation.
III. Carry out cross-industry integration of the enterprises in sponge city industry chain, the planning and design organizations of smart sponge pipe galleries, investment institutions and special industries, set up the smart sponge eco-city development alliance, and construct an integrated platform for planning, design, investment, engineering and operation of sponge cities, so as to provide systematic and professional all-round services for sponge city construction.

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The sponge city in general sense refers to a city which is highly "elastic" in response to environmental changes and natural disasters, for example, be able to absorb, store, infiltrate and purify water in rainy days, release the stored water for use when necessary. It is also called "low-impact development of rainwater system (LID)". The construction of a sponge city involves protecting original ecosystem in the city, ecological recovery and restoration as well as low-impact development. A sponge city project is a comprehensive water environment treatment service which includes the construction, maintenance and operation of grass swales, rain gardens, sunken green space, urban rainwater sewer system, pump stations and other facilities.  
Promote the coordination and unity among eco-environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits; realize the recycled use of water resources in corresponding area; mitigate the problem of flood prevention and water resource shortage in corresponding area; reduce the water discharge runoff on land area and the pressure on flood prevention and discharge in the area. 
Meanwhile, the sponge city is also a key element of the eco-city concept under "new urbanization" system. Like the new urbanization, it is a concept of urban infrastructure construction associated with livelihood, society and urban development. Its construction is a complex system engineering, so a pure technical system or construction system cannot represent all the content of sponge city development.
By vigorously construct sponge cities, it is not only helpful to solving the common prominent problems like waterlogging disaster, stormwater runoff pollution, water resource shortage, etc. in cities, but also conducive to restoring the water eco-environment in cities and bringing comprehensive eco-environmental benefits to cities and great convenience to people's public traveling and leisure. By preserving and restoring urban vegetation, wetlands, ponds and streams, it can significantly increase the “blue” and “green” space in cities, reduce urban the heat island effect and improve the living environment. Meanwhile, it provides habitats for more creatures and especially aquatic animals and plants to improve the urban biodiversity.

  In recent years, serious urban waterlogging events have occurred in a number of large and medium-sized cities, the problem of “watching the sea in cities” has drawn extensive attention from the society. At the end of 2013, President Xi Jinping first put forward the concept of sponge city construction in the speech on the central working conference on urbanization, “When improving urban drainage system, we should give priority to preserving the limited rainwater...” He pointed out that the sponge city construction should follow the water treatment philosophy of “water conservation first, spatial balance, systematic treatment, simultaneous treatment”. According to President Xi's instructions, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued the Notification on Providing Central Financial Support for Sponge City Construction, which put forward that sponge city construction should follow the principles of “guidance by planning, ecology first, focus on safety, full coordination, adaption to local conditions, overall planning” and make full use of “infiltration, perching, storage, purification, use and discharge” measures, so as to protect and restore urban ecological functions, mitigate urban waterlogging, improve the urban water environment and enhance urban functions.
  The state issues a series of policies to promote sponge city construction, which play a supporting and promoting role in construction concept, funds, pilot selection and technical guidance in sponge city construction. At the end of 2013, President Xi Jinping put forward at the central work conference on urbanization, “When improving urban drainage system, we should give priority to preserving the limited rainwater and discharging water by natural force, in order to construct a ‘sponge city’ characterized by natural accumulation, natural infiltration and natural purification”.
  To implement the spirit of President Xi's speech and the work conference, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued the Notification on Providing Central Financial Support for Sponge City Construction Pilot (CJ [2014] No. 838) to start the application for the first batch of sponge city construction pilots nationwide. The notification clearly put forward that “the central financial department should provide special subsidies for sponge city construction pilots for three years. The specific subsidy amount is determined based on city size, i.e. RMB 600 million per year for municipalities directly under the Central Government, RMB 500 million per year for provincial capitals and RMB 400 million per year for other cities. The cities growing to a certain scale based on PPP model will be awarded as per 10% of the above subsidy amount”.
  In October 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting Sponge City Construction (GBF [2015] No.75), which required that sponge city construction should absorb and utilize 70% rainwater locally, more than 20% of completed urban areas should reach the target requirements by 2020, and more than 80% of completed urban areas should reach the target requirements by 2030. Besides, strong scientific research institutes, construction enterprises and manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to combine with financial capital to set up enterprise group or consortium in order to make overall planning and implementation of projects related to sponge city construction and exert the overall benefits.

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