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The integrated pipe gallery epitomizes the industrial idea. It promotes the organic integration of various links in the industrial chain, including policy and system innovation, normative standard, financial investment, scientific research, investigation, design, production, construction and operation. Through overground and underground 360° integrated industry and technology ideas, Pan-China pipe gallery focuses on the optimization of industries and spaces on the ground, the integration of pipe gallery and pipeline, the informatization of monitoring and operation, the operation and management system and other special projects.
Reposition the integrated pipe gallery with Internet thinking; promote the construction of urban integrated pipe gallery with PPP mode; inject the industrial cluster incubator that has policy and market demands by taking integrated pipe gallery project as the point of gripping.


Pan-China Group not only focuses on the single pipeline design, but also practices the theory of design +. It pays attention to the technical links such as overground industry and space optimization, pipe gallery and pipeline integration, monitoring and operation informatization as well as operation and management system. It organically integrates various links in the industrial chain, including policy and system innovation, normative standard, financing and investment, scientific research, investigation, design, production, construction and operation. Then, they derive a variety of new businesses, covering the transformation and upgrade of diversified inventory pipelines, the reconstruction of overground road in the pipe gallery route and the overground space optimization for industrial development.

 Pan-China is always striving for the system-integrated “urban system developer” and construction system service provider that can create the greatest value to the city. 
·  Provide the full life circle of system solutions for integrated pipe gallery
·  Vice Director of Smart Pipe Network Group of China Urban Studies Society
·  Member of Zhong Cheng Smart City Construction Research Society 
·  Domestic-leading pipe gallery detection technology and information operation and management platform
·  PPP practical experience of integrated pipe gallery  
·   Practical and comprehensive application experience of GIS+BIM technology

Pan-China Group Integrated Underground Pipe Gallery Alliance founded integrated underground pipe gallery investment fund, integrated pipe gallery investment holding company, integrated pipe gallery forum and other platforms. It aims to provide alliance services such as integrated underground pipe gallery innovation research, academic study of integrated pipe gallery, think tank consultation, presentation and exchange, investment and general construction project. It strives to build a one-stop integrated pipe gallery construction service platform to lead the future development of integrated pipe gallery construction mode. 

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Urban integrated pipe gallery refers to the public pipeline tunnel constructed underground in the city. Over two types of municipal pipelines are arranged in the tunnel for uniform planning, design, construction and maintenance, involving electricity, communication, gas, water supply, thermal power and water drainage. The integrated pipe gallery is called “common tunnel” in Japan and “common duct and integrated basket duct”.

Coordinate the technology, PPP investment and financing, construction and operation through the idea of urban industry development during planning and construction of integrated pipe gallery. With the purpose of promoting the overground industry development and livelihood improvement, optimize the layout and design of underground pipe gallery to make the smart pipe gallery really become the booster of urban development. 

With the continuous development of urban construction, the overground and underground space development and utilization fail to develop synchronously, and some important problems appear on the underground urban pipeline. It is necessary to change the urban development idea of “focusing on overground and looking down on underground” and the municipal management mode of “focusing on construction and looking down on maintenance” as soon as possible.

The integrated pipe gallery is a significant industry project that integrates the urban infrastructure upgrade demand, industry, traffic, logistics and several other development elements as well the comprehensive development and utilization trend of overground and underground urban space. It is the material basis of normal operation of urban society and economy functions. Therefore, the integrated pipe gallery construction is regarded as the composite of urban industry infrastructures and the urban benefit center that provides services for society and industry, rather than traditional urban cost center. 

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