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Pan-China Group has established a special study group for modernization of construction industry, which consists of 22 well-known experts.
Pan-China Group has encouraged its employees to involve in the preparation of JGBT1322 Precast Concrete Shearwall Cladding Panel.
Pan-China Group has encouraged experts to compile Prefabricated Building Construction and Management and Practice and Operation.

Pan-China Group has established a close strategic cooperation relationship with relevant colleges and universities, government organizations and enterprises to jointly promote the modernization of construction industry.

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The basic implication of construction industry modernization covers two meanings: 
First, the greening of final product. The traditional construction industry is characterized by huge resource consumption and building energy consumption, excessive emission of dust and low utilization of solid wastes. Strive to develop energy saving, environment friendly and low-carbon green buildings to meet greater challenges from building energy efficiency and environmental protection. 
Second, the industrialization of building production. The traditional handicraft production is replaced by modern large-scale industrial production to build building products. During the generation of building products, the industrial (factory-like) production may be employed to maximally accelerate the construction, improve working environment, raise labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, minimize resources consumption, ensure project quality and safe production, and eliminate pollutants. 

Since the reform and opening-up, Chinese construction industry has entered a period of prosperous development and become a pillar industry in national economy. But on the whole, this industry remains a labor-intensive traditional industry. The construction industry needs to transform development mode, change development approach and focus on its modernization, so as to complete the strategic tasks and challenges about positive interaction and coordinated development among new industrialization, urbanization, informationization and agricultural modernization proposed by the Party Central Committee.

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