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Meaning of Pan-China•SANRONG Town

With the core traction force of settlement economy, Pan-China•SANRONG Town aims to construct the regional factor market, product market and service market; and build the characteristic towns that integrate “industry and city, industry and finance, production place and market” which can drive the composite development of characteristic agriculture, massive health, macro culture, great tour and trade logistics.
Content and mode of investment and operation of Pan-China•SANRONG Town

Industry System of Pan-China•SANRONG Town


Fulfill core functions including “e-commerce, settlement of transactions, big agriculture data, display and sales exhibition of agricultural products, supply chain finance, cold-chain logistics distribution, etc.” by establishing large-scale modern and comprehensive trading center of agricultural products, headquarters economic center of agricultural products and modern business service center; and make full use of agricultural e-commerce platform to improve transaction efficiency of agricultural product, minimize its dull sale and waste, form the advantage of cluster of competitive industries and promote regional economic development.
Through the total factor aggregation of Pan-China•SANRONG Town, realize the integrative development of six resource factors “industry + finance + science and technology + talent + informatization + land”. Excavate new demands and create new values to build a demonstrative town with “four integrations” and “four interactions” in the new urbanization system and realize the smart and sustainable development of the city. 

I. Theoretical advantages of the development and innovation models of China's new urbanization and regional new urbanization
II. Establish 4+1 ecological system around government, and create the industry-leading commercial mode (platform + think tank + capital + industry incubator + system solutions)
III. Whole industry chain of integrations and full life circle of services (health, culture, tourism, trade logistics and featured agriculture; systematic planning + financial service + development and construction + overall operation)
IV. System solutions featuring industry-city integration (industry + finance + science and technology + talent + Internet + land)

Pan-China Group deepens, cultivates and creates Pan-China•SANRONG Town on the cooperation platform of urban development alliance. “Pan-China•SANRONG Town” alliance enterprises are mainly distributed in five areas: software technology, construction and operation, investment and financing institution, smart industry and characteristic e-commerce.

  • Basic Implication
  • Development Background
Pan-China SANRONG Town Program is a comprehensive development, investment and operation program integrating industry, finance and town established by Pan-China Group by combining financial innovation and factors gathering, characteristic industry focus and strategic industry cultivation, district value promotion and characteristic town construction. Pan-China SANRONG Town includes characteristic industry factor center, characteristic industry cluster area and characteristic industry demonstration base. With "integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" and "interaction of life, production, living and ecology" as objectives and the total factor cluster of smart city as approach, it selects the strategic districts for famous and high-quality products with great compound development value in health, culture and tourism, aiming to invest in, operate and build the total factor market, product market and service market that that influence China and even the world.
The ecological industry system of Pan-China•SANRONG Town is established as below: 
Firstly, structure ecology. A closed structure and function circle is formed for self-circulation, such as “platform + think tank + capital + industry incubator + system solutions”.
Secondly, operation ecology. Each ecological unit not only is an independent and opened IP organization, but also can be linked with the whole system and other IP organizations freely and organically to form an ordered system that features self-organization, self-coordination and self-regulation.
Thirdly, external ecological industry chain. Establish the alliance covering A, B, C, D and government in combination with Internet platform thought and physical dynamic enterprise. Construct the fixed star system to keep organic interaction of rotation and revolution.
Pan-China Group is striving to construct such an ecological industry system of Pan-China•SANRONG Town. Pan-China•SANRONG Town is the accumulation, integration and growth of content, operation and service IP of various IP organizations from platform to ecology so as to realize the reconstruction of ecological industry system, value chain and industry chain. 

On July 21, 2016, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “three ministries and commissions”) jointly issued [2016]147 Notice About Characteristic Town Cultivation. It proposes to cultivate characteristic towns in the national wide from now on. It aims to cultivate about 1,000 characteristic and active towns by 2020; lead the national towns to firmly establish and implement the development ideas of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing, adjust measures to local conditions; highlight characteristics, play the main role of market entity, innovate the construction idea, transfer development mode, investigate the healthy road for town construction, promote the economy transfer and upgrade, and promote the new urbanization and rural construction.
The development plan of Pan-China•SANRONG Town refers to a set of investment strategies and modes that are continuously improved by satisfying the complex challenges and opportunities, including central government policies, China’s economic trend, future demands and industry transformation in combination with Pan-China Group’s efforts in the development of urbanization and characteristic industries, the construction of characteristic towns and the financial innovation of characteristic industries as well as a series of innovations and practices in which all elements of smart city are included.

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