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Pay attention to and provide environmental engineering services, including urban water system and water renovation, drainage, utilization of rainwater resources, water pollution control, solid waste disposal, etc. based on the top-level planning of city and advantages of design and construction industry chain; and provide systematized services for owners, including consulting, planning, design, finance, construction, operation, etc.

Pan-China Group carries out systematic treatment according to specific circumstances by viewing the environmental governance from the perspective of urbanization, comprehensively uses different technologies for different water quality characteristics, governance goals and phases and integrate the existing technology based on characteristics of different rivers, so as to provide renovation of urban water system and water, drainage, utilization of rainwater resource, water pollution control, solid waste disposal, etc.

By standing on the perspective of sustainable urban development and green development, combining the urban development and construction, including comprehensive governance of urban water environment, sponge city, utility tunnel, stormwater purification and resource utilization, human landscape, etc., and integrating sludge and solid waste treatment technology, wastewater treatment technology, biotreatment technology and soil remediation technology, as well as the latest research results of mechanical & electrical, automation, chemical, biology and ecological environment disciplines, Pan-China Group carries out cleaner production and resource utilization to reduce pollution and relieve ecological pressure of the environment. Besides, it also provides overall regional environmental renovation and operation for owners based on urban environmental problem diagnosis, top-level design, ecological planning, financing & investment, specialized design, technology application, engineering construction and special operation.

By viewing the urban top-level planning as entry point, and taking advantages of design & construction industrial chains, Pan-China Group has been devoting itself to industrial circle planning and construction in the environmental engineering field, and has established strategic cooperation with several leading enterprises successively in this industry to together carry out research, construction and technology integration of environmental engineering.

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Prevent the environmental pollution arising from production and life activities, including “three wastes” (wastewater, waste gas, waste residue), dust and radioactive substance, as well as noise, vibration, stink and electromagnetic wave radiation caused by industrial production, noxious gas, liquid, noise due to transportation activities, pollutants caused by marine transport, hazardous and toxic chemicals used for industrial and agricultural production and people’s life, and pollution arising from smoke, sewage, rubbish, etc. of the town; prevent the environmental disruption arising from construction and development activities, covering the environmental pollution and disruption caused by engineering construction, including large-scale hydraulic project, railway, arterial road, large-scale port and pier, airport and large-scale industrial project, and environmental disruption and impact caused by agricultural reclamation and polderization, development of offshore oilfield, coastal zone and marshland, and exploitation of forest and mineral resources, and environmental disruption, pollution and impact caused by setting and construction of new towns; protect the natural environment that has special value, including rare species and their habitats, special natural historical sites, geologic phenomena, geomorphologic landscape, etc. for which effective protection should be provided. In addition, the environmental protection also involves urban-rural planning, control of water and soil loss and desertization, afforestation, control of population growth and distribution, reasonable allocation of productive forces, etc.

Environmental protection is the fundamental interest and a fundamental objective for China’s long-term steady development, and the sustainable development remains a severe challenge for China. The government has inescapable responsibility for environment, since it has been playing dual roles in the process of social development of human being, protecting environment and ruining environment. Environmental protection is an essential field in which the government must play a central role. It is no doubt that market failure and government failure are principally responsible for resources destruction and environmental pollution, and are closely related to the development and government. 

Therefore, the environmental protection, serving as a long-term national project for people's well-being, relies on the government to a great extent. It also means that city will serve as the main propellent of environmental governance, as well as the largest buyer group of urban environmental improvement, public infrastructure construction and project technology. 

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