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Pan-China - inner circle of Triple Integration Town - The trading center for characteristic agricultural products has established an online and offline speedway and platform for trade and circulation of agricultural products by virtue of the business philosophy of full industry chain, with reference to domestic and overseas advanced circulation modes of agricultural products and in combination with structure characteristics of domestic agricultural production; built a multi-functional, comprehensive and modern service industry system that can cover extra-large zones in PPP mode; and taken modern agriculture as core, producer service as support, business service industry as supporting, informatization as carrier to promote the brand value, production efficiency and circulation efficiency of regional agriculture and relevant industries, promote the construction of 3-2-1 industrial system, facilitate the integration of “Four Modernizations”, drive the industrial upgrading and build itself into a modern service center of regional hub city.

Fulfill core functions including “e-commerce, settlement of transactions, big agriculture data, display and sales exhibition of agricultural products, supply chain finance, cold-chain logistics distribution, etc.” by establishing large-scale modern and comprehensive trading center of agricultural products, headquarters economic center of agricultural products and modern business service center; and make full use of agricultural e-commerce platform to improve transaction efficiency of agricultural product, minimize its dull sale and waste, form the advantage of cluster of competitive industries and promote regional economic development.

By following the philosophy of “Four Modernizations” integration, taking into consideration the regional resources and development environment and taking the scientific development mode as banner, project as entry point, alliance as platform, industry as support, informatization as approach and finance as wing, the Pan-China Group has broken the issue of development of regional characteristic agriculture, and uses system thinking to coordinate the planning, construction, investment & financing and operation of trading center of characteristic agricultural products, and create a new trading center of agricultural and sideline products in industry-city integration mode.

Construct smart city development alliance by cooperating with smart industries, investment institutions, scientific research institutes, production enterprises and other relevant units; and carry out professional division of work, business cooperation and industry coordination to construct value ecosystem of full industry chain of smart city, by following the theoretical guidance of "innovation, green, coordination, development and sharing", and taking development & innovation model of smart city as a banner, smart city project as an entry point, smart city development alliance as a platform, industry as support, finance as wing and informatization as approach. The Pan-China Group now has come into strategic alliance with several enterprises and associations to establish the industrial ecosphere and platform in which industries related to the trading center of characteristic agricultural products are gathered.

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Pan-China Triple Integration Town Program is a comprehensive development, investment and operation program integrating industry, finance and town established by Pan-China Group by combining financial innovation and factors gathering, characteristic industry focus and strategic industry cultivation, district value promotion and characteristic town construction. Pan-China Triple Integration Town includes characteristic industry factor center, characteristic industry cluster area and characteristic industry demonstration base. With "integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" and "interaction of life, production, living and ecology" as objectives and the total factor cluster of smart city as approach, it selects the strategic districts for famous and high-quality products with great compound development value in health, culture and tourism, aiming to invest in, operate and build the total factor market, product market and service market that that influence China and even the world. 

The E-commerce platform and big data center are employed to develop factor resources, including logistics, supply chain finance, information and brand incubation, etc., so as to achieve national strategic layout of markets in producing and sales areas, promote highly integration of “Four Modernizations”, gather industrial factors and build new growth poles of urban and rural economy.

The development plan of Pan-China - Triple Integration Town refers to a set of investment strategies and modes that are continuously improved by meeting complex challenges and opportunities including policies of central government, China’s economic trend, future demands and industry transformation, and combining the Pan-China Group’s efforts in development of urbanization and characteristic industries, building of characteristic town and financial innovation of characteristic industries, as well as a series of innovations and practice cases in which all factors of smart city are included. 

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