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Pan China Triple Integration Town Industry Base - Smart Agricultural Valley, based on China's new round of "Vegetable Basket" projects and agricultural information construction projects and by combining with new urbanization development and integrating the leading enterprises in modern agricultural product logistics, e-commerce and agricultural information, constructs hundreds of multi-purpose demonstration areas for modern agricultural industry development integrating production, trade, scientific research, living, culture and tourism in the suburbs of large cities and national modern agriculture demonstration areas, aiming to build them into an integrated platform of China's agricultural science & technology and information technology, a strategic pivot of agricultural security, a service function area for demonstration base of modern agriculture and a leading demonstration area for new urbanization and urban-rural integrated development in China.


Relying on modern network information technology and agricultural science and technology and taking the opportunity of transforming agricultural development mode in the new era, construct a modern agricultural innovation and development system as well as service centers, cooperation platforms and industrial function carriers in underdeveloped regions with rich characteristic industrial resources by technical means and innovating the development model, so as to break through the industrial development barriers and bottlenecks in systems, funds, technology, talents, etc. in these regions, optimize and promote regional industrial structure and functional level, promote the progress of new urbanization, and on this basis, build a pivot for national poverty reduction strategy and construct a strategic engine for destitute areas to transform agricultural development model.

By cooperating with industrial enterprises, investment institutions, scientific research institutes, production enterprises and other related organizations, following the theoretical guidance of "innovation, green, coordination, development and sharing", and taking urban development and innovation model as a banner, project as an entry point, industry alliance as a platform, industry as support, finance as wing and informatization as approach, the carry out professional division of work, business cooperation and industry coordination to construct a Smart Agricultural Valley Development Alliance.

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Pan-China Triple Integration Town Program is a comprehensive development, investment and operation program integrating industry, finance and town established by Pan-China Group by combining financial innovation and factors gathering, characteristic industry focus and strategic industry cultivation, district value promotion and characteristic town construction. Pan-China Triple Integration Town includes characteristic industry factor center, characteristic industry cluster area and characteristic industry demonstration base. With "integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" and "interaction of life, production, living and ecology" as objectives and the total factor cluster of smart city as approach, it selects the strategic districts for famous and high-quality products with great compound development value in health, culture and tourism, aiming to invest in, operate and build the total factor market, product market and service market that that influence China and even the world.

The "intelligence" of Smart Agricultural Valley includes "modern agricultural science and technology, modern information technology and innovative modern agricultural operating mode and development concept". The "valley" of Smart Agricultural Valley refers to "the cluster area and value swale of agricultural industry factor market and the forerunner zone and policy highland of modern agricultural reform and development". The nature of Smart Agricultural Valley is to construct a development platform for agricultural industrialization based on modern agricultural science and technology, information approaches and innovative operation and development concepts, as well as service industry cluster areas and development demonstration areas for promoting the transformation and upgrading of local traditional agriculture to modern efficient agriculture.

By constructing the Smart Agricultural Valley, promote the coordinated development model of "industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" in new urbanization through characteristic agricultural industrialization, drive the main body innovation to motivate the endogenous power of agriculture, and construct the "four-in-one" business entity reform with Smart Agricultural Valley as the guide, family farming as the foundation, leading enterprises as the core and cooperation organizations as the tie, so as to fully promote the pilot construction for modern agricultural industry complexes and speed up the development of modern agriculture. 

Agriculture is the foundation of a country and industry. Agricultural industrialization and modernization is an important measure to expand rural employment, increase farmers' income, improve the rural purchasing power and stimulate consumption in the new era, an important way to implement three agriculture-related issues in China proposed at the 18th Party Congress, an essential entry point for national poverty alleviation strategy and a strategic pivot to lead and promote the transformation and upgrading of destitute areas and achieve the coordination of "industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization".

The agricultural development is based on the construction objective and mission of "employing modern information technology to integrate agricultural industrial resources, promote the construction of new countryside, improve the quality of China's urbanization development", safeguard agricultural security and promote agricultural modernization". Focusing on the strategic pivot of transforming rural economic development model and constructing an agricultural security system and scientific and technological value transformation system, Pan-China Group launched the China Smart Agricultural Valley project to explore the new development path of urban-rural integration and agricultural modernization.

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