organically combining intelligence, industry, ecology, environment, sponge, pipe gallery and other factors, Pan-China Group strives to give overall consideration to the development and construction of sponge cities from the perspective of city development management and operation by integrating technology, projects and services, so as to prevent talking about sponge city development and construction from a purely technical perspective and build itself into an investment operator and construction service provider of sponge city solutions.
The service system and implementation method of Pan-China sponge cities begin with top-level design, and aim to help cities identify demands, discover value and create value. It encourages to think about problems from Party A's perspective, make strategic industry planning and investment & financing planning, and fully consider the factors in development economics, spatial economics and institutional economics. Guided by system thinking and in combination with development finance and PPP model innovation, the company strives to import commercial finance and structural finance to achieve financial breakthrough, build a structurized financial system, promote the infrastructure construction and urban development and construction based on the development philosophy of sponge cities and realize urban city value through operation management.
To truly realize the sustainable development of sponge city construction, Pan-China Group works actively to set up the "4+1" structural alliance, which will construct the sponge city alliance ecosphere in the following three dimensions.
I. Practice the innovative development model of new urbanization systematically and extensively based on the PPP model at state level from top-level design to intelligence, sponge, pipe gallery planning and design and investment and financing services.
II. Cooperate with project partners to build special economic and industrial bases for intelligence, sponge and pipe gallery, and make overall coordination from project planning, planning and design, PPP construction, project construction, investment promotion and operation.
III. Carry out cross-industry integration of the enterprises in sponge city industry chain, the planning and design organizations of smart sponge pipe galleries, investment institutions and special industries, set up the smart sponge eco-city development alliance, and construct an integrated platform for planning, design, investment, engineering and operation of sponge cities, so as to provide systematic and professional all-round services for sponge city construction.
Through integration and superposition in the three dimensions above, Pan-China Group has constructed the Smart City Development Alliance. Beside, with sponge city projects as the breakthrough point, development alliances as the platform, industries as the support, finance as the wing and information as the means, it carries out specialized division of work, business cooperation and industrial coordination to co-construct an ecosphere throughout the industrial value chain of smart sponge eco-cities and ensure the practice and implementation of upgraded version of Sponge City 3.0.
This is an era dominated by cooperation rather than competition. With the platform operation mode of "technology + capital + construction + operation + information", the Pan-China Sponge City Alliance platform aims to gather together the representatives in sponge city industry including advanced academic research institutions, planning and consulting organizations, social capital and construction and operation management enterprises to build an alliance platform for one-stop system solutions throughout the industrial chain of sponge cities and jointly practice the national strategy on sponge city development.
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Since its founding, Pan-China Group has been extensively engaged in city development, construction and operation management and creatively proposed the innovation model of Chinese urban development, which has been practiced in more than 100 cities around China. The company constantly carries out innovation and practice in concept innovation, theory innovation, organizational innovation, process innovation and mechanism innovation, and proposed the upgraded version of innovation model 20. for Chinese new urbanization development. The "City Development Alliance" is specially established to better serve for urban development. The alliance is a non-governmental organization without separate legal entity which consists of the local governments of Chinese small cities, counties and towns, enterprises and institutions related to town development planning and construction, organizations, experts and scholars, industrial enterprises and financial institutions.
 Purpose and significance of the alliance
Since reform and opening-up, China's urbanization has made remarkable achievements, but some problems also emerge as the urbanization process advances quickly. First, there is serious imbalance between urban and rural development and great difference in costs and benefits between urban and rural areas, which results in a unique urban-rural dual structure and requires the coordinated and harmonious development of urban and rural areas by adjusting benefits pattern; second, the existing main function area planning, general land use planning, urban system planning, etc. lack adequate awareness of the increase and decrease in population mobility across regions, resources carrying capacity, industrial layout, etc.; third, there are not adequate innovation means of the policy and institutional system, investment system and land use, etc. that coordinate urban and rural development; fourth, most cities and towns lack top-level design and do not really establish a development pattern that organically integrates city and industry, life, production, living and ecology and organically combines industrialization, agriculture modernization, urbanization and informatization; fifth, industrial development is out of balance and fails to schedule the development path of primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry according to local conditions and in the right time, therefore hard to form endogenous growth power; sixth, supporting urban construction badly lags behind with incomplete infrastructure, resulting in serious problems with the continuous coordination among population, resources, environment, economy and society; seventh, many different cities follow the same development mode, small cities do not have adequate capacity to take in the spillover effects and radiating power produced by major cities in economy, technology, education and household consumption, etc., and small towns do not have enough capacity in characteristic development, misplaced development and establishing industrial chain cluster.
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The Triple Integration Town Alliance is an alliance consisting of "Parties A, B, C, D + governments" and constructed around Triple Integration Town investment and operation. The program, by integrating the three elements of "finance, city and industry" and building a system integrating "element center + industry cluster area + cross-region special industry base", aims to develop themed special towns to promote the development of regional characteristic industries and establish the element market, service market and product market for these characteristic industries that cover the whole country and even the world. The Triple Integration Town Program involves investment and operation at a hundred billion yuan level. Through open integration of the dominant forces in "governments, industries, academic institutions, financing and services", it aims to co-build a win-win ecosphere driven by financial innovation and characterized by characteristic town investment and operation and strategic investment in characteristic industries. The alliance is an elite cluster that absorbs the professional sharers and resource coordinators to co-create value, contribute and share value.
Your joining us will add power to the Triple Integration Town Program: If you are a government leader and give us a franchise, we will return to you an urban growth pole and an industrial cluster; if you are a financial institution and give us a lever, we will help you pry a city and an industry; if you are a construction service provider and contribute a business opportunity and a solution, we will let you be a true owner; if you are an information service provider and operator, the total factor accumulation concept of smart city for Triple Integration Town Program will be your ultimate pursuit...
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