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Pan-China City Business School


Pan-China City Business School was founded in 2016 after two years of preparation. As an industrial ecosystem platform co-established by Pan-China Group and other enterprises dedicated to urban development and construction, the school aims to co-construct a platform that leads the trend of industrial strategy, builds a value promotion highland, and promotes ecological community platform economy, the upgrading of urban regeneration industries and the eco-development of talent cultivation through integration, focusing, allocation and innovation. It is constructing an industrial ecosystem featuring industry-city integration by combining the resources from six parties including governments, industries, schools, research, finance and media.

School positioning

A social platform for knowledge innovation

A social platform for product innovation

A social platform for talent innovation

A platform for accumulation of industrial experience

A platform for promoting high-end production capacity

A platform for rejuvenating China through industries

School characteristics:

Serve for cities

Transform marketing to communication by project-based learning, action-based learning, case study and autonomous learning.

Promote co-existence and sharing through co-creation

Create future with future

Provide open interface and capability for participants to serve for all parities involved in urban development

Government, developer, builder, service provider, system integrator, operator, industrial cluster, etc.

School operating mode: Move and inspire influential leading enterprises to grow stronger and take responsibility together, co-develop the business school as an ecological connecting platform, and influence and promote industrial power in the tide of urban development. Reunify the first-class enterprises in different industries to promote industrial productivity, set an industrial example and lead China's economic transformation and upgrading using platform-based thinking and marketized tools and through transformation & innovation. Create value for cities, enterprises and talent development continuously.

  • West Asia:Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia

  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

  • Mongolia

  • The People’s Republic of China