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City Development Research Institute

Pan-China Creates Value for Cities

Pan-China City Development and Research Institute, as the primary business division of Pan-China Group, is committed to promoting the new urbanization process of China and building an international leading think tank of urban development.


Upholding the concept of “developing cities through industries, promoting industries through cities, industry-city integration, smart ecology and sustainable development”, the Institute strives to dig into city’s inherent growth source and innovation driving force, explore an innovative path and mode for sustainable development, and inspire endogenous power, discover new demands, create new value, provide new supply and drive new growth for cities. The Institute will lead elements aggregation based on system thinking to develop from industry to cluster and then to base, park, community and urbanization step by step, build new economic growth poles for cities and reshape urban commercial and industrial ecosphere, so as to achieve the organic integration of city development, city construction and city operation and management, practice the new integration concept including industrialization as motivation, agricultural modernization as base, new urbanization as carrier, informatization as method, and promote the innovation and development of national new urbanization.


For customers, Pan-China City Development and Research Institute strives to provide top-level design and systematic planning for cities, and output an urban think tank which systematically studies the overall solutions to urban development, construction, management and operation, as well as industry chain integration. Following the concept of “life, production, living and ecology” and focusing on top-level design and comprehensive investment in specific business, the Institute aims to construct a new urbanization development system that organically combines central urban area, county economy, characteristic industrial town, and beautiful village from the perspective of system development. By means of overall balanced development, the Institute draws up an economic war map combining systematicness, perspectiveness, and operability, in consideration of the requirements of every level, every element and every stage of regional development, and explores a solution to the bottleneck of regional economy construction by combining different rules into one, making planning at both state and regional level, innovating the system, etc.,; by making planning and guiding, financial innovation and system innovation, the Institute strives to achieve the combination of resource, assets, funds and capital, strengthen the hematopoietic capability of cities and regions, and transform resource superiority to financial superiority and industrial superiority to realize urban sustainable development

For the Group, Pan-China City Development and Research Institute, as the operator and practitioner of systematic planning of China urban development innovation mode, is “the implementer of research, development and planning of industrial ecology new products, the coordinator of urban innovation business industrial chain, the scout of early justification for investment projects and the researcher of urban innovation development theory”. As the strategic think tank of urban construction, it will lead the investment direction of Pan-China Group form the strategic perspective since it is the source of group industrial chain.


From the perspective of urban innovative development, Pan-China City Development and Research Institute thinks deeply about the sustainable development model of China new urbanization and targetedly solves the problem of urban development and urban value innovation and develops systematic strategies on urban development. Taking urban development and innovation model as its banner, creating industry-city integration project incubator as an entry point, industry alliance as a platform, industrial clusterization as support, innovative structural financial system as wing and informatization as approach, Pan-China City Development and Research Institute is taking an associated marketing route with professional division of work, business cooperation and industrial interaction to make systemic urban development strategy to guide the coordinated development of urban economy and society, and remodel urban industrial and commercial ecosphere by re-building urban hematopoietic function and activating city vitality, thus finally maximizing city efficiency and resource value. Based on that, Pan-China City Development and Research Institute will implement two major functions:

The think tank of China new urbanization construction: Apply system thinking and methods to solve the system problems encountered in urban development, construction, management and operation from the perspective of national and regional economy, achieve innovation from "industrial development, finance and urban construction", construct a systematic breakthrough path following the concept of "strategy as support, industry as base, culture as source, planning as program, innovation as soul and finance as tool", and uphold the new integration concept of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization to provide think tank service and practical guidance for new urbanization construction.

The leader of urban development innovation model: Following the "urban development innovation model" that has been studied and improved by Pan-China Group for years as the overall program and the rich experience in investment, development, construction and operation in multiple cities, link the policy incentives at state and local level together, explore the characteristic resources of cities, organically combine open finance and commercial finance, and set up an industrial financing cooperation platform, in order to achieve the conversion of resources to assets and then to capital and securities as well as the market-oriented operation under the guidance of governments, provide continuous and strong financial support for infrastructure construction, park development, industrial development and other areas of cities, and finally achieve the innovative and sustainable development of cities.


• Theoretical strengths

Following the " integration of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization" development concept and the experience in providing system solutions and construction & operation services for a number of cities in China, Pan-China City Development Research Institute combines its advantages in regional resources and development environment to make breakthrough in regional economic development, innovate the model of industry-city integration and proposes the "China urban development innovation model". The model, which has been updated to 3.0 version with national strategy and economic development, serves as theoretical guidance on the think tank services provided by the Institute, and carries out targeted innovative research on urban development and construction from the perspective of mechanism innovation, model innovation and path innovation. In the meantime, while providing think tank services for different cities, the Institute studies the urban development model and innovation path under national strategy in terms of national central city, new urbanization and smart city, etc. by studying the characteristics and extracting the commonalities of each city.

• Alliance strengths

By cooperating with industrial enterprises, investment institutions, scientific research institutes, industrial associations and chambers of commerce, following the theoretical guidance of "innovation, green, coordination, development and sharing", and taking urban development innovation model as a banner, project as an entry point, industry alliance as a platform, industry as support, finance as wing and informatization as approach, the Institute carries out professional division of work, business cooperation and industry coordination to construct characteristic industry development alliances. Currently, the Institute has established strategic partnership with Huawei, CRRC Corporation Limited, Dahua Inc., Beijing Glorious Land Agricultural Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, The 23rd Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd. of Minmetals, Longjiang Forest Industry Group and other enterprises to co-construct the ecosystem and platform for industries related to new urbanization including characteristic agriculture, smart industries, ecological industries, financial service, etc.

• Team strengths

The Institute has a first-class urban development intelligence team in China, with all members holding a bachelor degree or above and more than 70% holding a master's degree. It covers different types of professional talents in such areas as strategic industry planning, urban planning, financing and high-end marketing, etc. to provide strong intelligence support for urban development.
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