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Pan-China Group is an enterprise belonging to 92 series and an enterprise directly under the former Ministry of Construction. As the leader in the innovation of China’s new urbanization, Pan-China Group has always undertaken the development mission to create urbanization investment and serve for groups on the entire industrial chain and formed four major business module, including urban development, urban construction, urban investment operation and overseas development. Pan-China Group has many successful practice cases in urban system investment, development and construction both at home and abroad. Now it has developed into an investment operator and construction service provider to provide system solutions to urban development and a special pilot enterprise of industrial element agglomeration for smart cities, and is committed to the development, construction and operation of the smart cities.

Provide customers with all-dimensional and one-stop services of "Platform + Think Tank + Capital + Business Incubator + System Solution".

The "Urban Development Module" is committed to building the think tank for urban development. It focuses on the overall urban-rural development and new-type urbanization, and seeks for the development path and industrial system suitable for local characteristics from unique perspective of understanding urban development mission and actively docking national strategy and based on the urban development agenda and blueprint from systematic planning for the realization of top-level design and institutional innovation as well as through digging urban elements and natural endowments, so as to increase the hematopoietic function, improve endogenous power and achieve sustainable urban development by leaps and bounds The post-doctoral workstation of Pan-China has more than 10 post doctorates specialized in different fields and based on the summarization of practices over many years, has creatively proposed an "innovation model for Chinese urban development", which was approved as a soft subject of MOHURD and produced good demonstration effect and economic benefit after popularized in Wuhan, Yinchuan, Xinxiang and many other cities.

Business of "urban construction module" involves many fields, such as public buildings, civil buildings, infrastructures and municipal engineering, and it has the comprehensive capabilities for development and construction, general engineering contracting, and investment & financing + construction system contracting. It has provincial and ministerial research and development centers, and has undertaken many major scientific research projects organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, etc. successively, and prepared many standards and specifications in the industry independently or jointly with others; it has obtained more than 30 high-grade qualifications issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, etc., and won many important national and provincial awards for more than 100 projects, such as "Luban Prize", "National High Quality Structure Award", "National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award", "Great Wall Cup", "Qianjiang Cup", "Yulan Cup" and "Minjiang Cup", and awarded the titles of "Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises in China's 60-year Urban Construction", and "Top 10 Model Enterprises in China's Urbanization Process".

"Urban Investment and Operation Module"  The "urban investment and operation business segment" takes the creation of investment products as grab, including "Pan-China - Triple Integration Town", "Trade Center for Special Agricultural Products", "Smart Life and Health Industrial Park", "Smart Culture and Creativity Industrial Park", "Smart Agricultural Valley", "Sponge City", "Integrated Underground Pipe Gallery", "Construction Industry Modernization", etc., take full advantages of system innovation, industry chain integration, structure financing, engineering general contracting, etc., participate in the regional overall operation and key project investment, and focus on the construction, development and operation of cultural exhibition industrial park and other professional industrial parks. Based on the core of five leading industries including culture, health, tourism, trade logistics and featured agriculture, the Group takes full advantages of its concession, technical platform, industrial platform and trade platform to attract investments to cities, build industrial clusters and drive urban transformation.

For the business in "overseas development module", the Group has applied the "urban development and innovation model" to the development, construction and general contracting of overseas projects in Angola, Tanzania, South Sudan, Namibia, UAE, etc., for which it has been honorably listed into ENR top 250 international contractors for consecutive five years. The Group has completed the EPC project for new eco-city construction in DUNDO of Angola, the CKZ social housing construction project in Luanda of Angola, the youth training center project, the middle school project in Namibia, the stadium maintenance project in Congo, the ECONET project in Burundi and the Abu Dhabi project.

Pan-China Group will continue to practice the tenet of "creating value for cities and promoting the brand for customers", give full play to their own strengths with the concept of innovative urban development, provide cities and customers with value-added services by adhering to the principle of "strategy as support, industry as base, planning as program, innovation as soul, culture as source, and finance as tool", drive cities to transform from resource-driven to strategy and innovation-driven through demonstration, innovation and leading, thus to again create the new chapter of China's new urbanization undertaking.

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  • Southeast Asian:Cambodia

  • Africa:Angola, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania

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